Read My Latest Blog (April 11, 2021): The Making of Global Cinema Online: An Achievement to Be Proud Of

I normally communicate my basic concepts and discoveries to the public through the films I make and the articles I write. It is a good system as it regards the communication of the basis of my thinking and of my artistic style.

Now, to facilitate the surfing of my website, and for easy updates regarding some very important concepts and news, I decided to publish this static page which contains the links to four blogs that I will be constantly updating with my latest news. 

This page is particularly dedicated to four groups of people to whom I refer continuously in my work and in the various functions I perform at Global Film Studio.

They are Investors, Actors, Filmmakers and Fans; I wrote four blogs for those groups and I’ll keep them always updated on my website.

Here they are:

Investors: How Global Film Studio Could Go Public With One Billion Dollars Market Capital

Actors: General Casting Call

Filmmakers: The Best Marketing Dollars You Can Spend

Fans: My Work In Progress