Update About My Dog and My Eye.

I write this to thank and to update all who, in the last three weeks, sent me wishes of good health and who showed interest in the case of my dog Monica, in my search for her and in her actual whereabouts.


My dog Monica disappeared on March 9. Somebody in the village told me that Monica ate something bad (or poisoned) and died. I didn’t believe this story and I opened an investigation because, to the contrary, I believed that Monica was kidnapped.

It took some time but, finally, yesterday I came to know that Monica is alive, that she was taken from the street (I know by whom and why) and that she was brought to another village. I also know the name of that village and now I’m looking for her there.

My eye

The pain in my right eye started about 15 days ago. The eye was very small and very red, continuously full of tears and was causing an acute pain that was accentuated if I tried to work on the computer or if it was exposed to the sunlight. The pain was making it very difficult and almost impossible for me to sleep.

For a few days I just waited for the whole thing to pass by itself because I was thinking that it was a simple conjunctivitis.

After that, I got some drops from the pharmacy. Looking carefully in the eye it was possible to see clearly a black spot on the cornea. Then, when I saw that it was going worst and worst, I went to my doctor and she referred me to an oculist in the town nearby, because there is not an eye-doctor in the village. This was happening before last weekend and I could see the oculist only on Tuesday, five days later.

The oculist, a nice and very clever lady, immediately told me that there was a foreign object (that I call UFO) in my eye. This was the spot I saw in the cornea.

She took a pin and she removed the object. Then, she showed me the object and she told me that it was big. She told me that now that she took it out, a little whole was left and that I still have to be on medications (and in pain) for one more week. This is where I’m now.

While all this was happening I could not do my work normally. I had to suspend the Workshops, I didn’t answer timely to my messages and I could not write some important messages. I apologise for this inconvenience but I didn’t have a choice.