The Vision and Creation of the Global Nonviolent Film Festival

A Chapter from the Autobiographical Blog “The Last”

by Bruno Pischiutta

It happened long time ago, in 2010, on an early summer evening, at about 7:00 PM. 

Daria Trifu and I were having dinner in Brasov, Romania, at a restaurant located atop the Tampa Hill, the forested mountain at the center of Brasov, that offered us a great view of the beautiful medieval city. I was in town from a short time and I asked Daria if a good documentary about the city had ever been made. I also asked her if Brasov ever had an international film festival. The answer to both my questions was no. That is the moment when I decided to produce the documentary and to create the film festival.

That was then, and this is now.

A short time ago, I was watching the video of the Awards Presentation for the 2019 edition of the Festival and something happened: I realized how impressive and important it has become.

When we opened the Festival in 2012 it was like the realization of a crazy idea because there were +10,000 festivals in the world, and we were going to open another one in a little city in Romania.

On the 25 of February, 2011 I organized a dinner with some friends and colleagues in Brasov. I had the idea and wanted to present it to them. At the end of the dinner and after a few drinks, I told everyone about my intention to open the Brasov International Film Festival & Market that, in 2018, was renamed the Global Nonviolent Film Festival.

That night is when we decided to create a little Festival in a small Romanian city to exhibit NON-VIOLENT films. I took a napkin from the table, we put in writing our decision, and we all signed the bottom line. That napkin is now framed and on my wall.

After four successful yearly editions held in Brasov, in 2016 we took the Festival on-line where it now takes place exclusively. Another change came in 2018 when we renamed it the Global Nonviolent Film Festival. This is a Canadian festival that started in Romania and that is now taking place on-line for all the world viewers.

From being the last, after years of work and dedication, I am proud to say that the Festival is today one of the best globally and, surely the most important and renown nonviolent film festival in the world.

Since it takes place on-line, we are able to bring the best nonviolent films from all over the globe to the worldwide viewers to enjoy comfort the comfort of their surroundings.

From eight years, I get to watch hundreds of films that are submitted and, in this way, I get to be up to date with the reality of the world film industry and its new trends, and to discover the emerging filmmakers. I am very privileged: I get to be in close contact with hundreds of filmmakers and my work for the Festival is year-long. All of this gives me knowledge and the great feeling of being part of the history of film and, maybe, of being the maker of a small part of it.

Here are some facts and data about the Global Nonviolent Film Festival, and some reviews from filmmakers and participants:

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