International Film Workshops

Updated February 3, 2021

At this time, I am teaching my International Film Workshops via Skype to actresses Angytta Cherrier from Balikpapan, Indonesia, Luna Avelar from Dallas Texas (USA), and Kelly Dalston from London, England.

Many of you know that I am also a teacher and that I have been teaching my International Film Workshops in Acting, Writing, Directing, and Producing from over 30 years to students from many countries of the world, both at physical locations and virtually.

My Workshops entail 1-hour long sessions for a total of about 30 hours. I offer my program free of charge to talents I choose and who I believe can have a serious career in film. When I made my latest feature film in Ghana, I trained all the African cast and crew (about 150 people in total) in my Workshops, prior to hiring them on my set. This initiative gave birth to the ‘Toronto Pictures Film Academy of Ghana’ that I founded together with Daria Trifu and our African screen-writer. The Academy went on to operate for many year after the film was made. Our company financed the Academy for few years, until it became self-sufficient by producing films and TV shows with the students it continued to train in the art of film. I am proud to say that some of the talent trained at our Academy went on to become big celebrities in Africa, have built very successful careers (both national and international), and have also won at the African Academy Awards.

I continue to conduct my Workshops virtually with students that I select (at no cost). Like everyone before them, if they complete the Workshops successfully, they receive a Diploma that I sign and certify.

Here is a little history about some of the Workshops I held and organized with my company:

In early 2000, I held my International Film Workshops program in Toronto, Canada, for three consecutive years. Daria Trifu was a student in the class of 2000; following the program she went on to become a successful film producer and, today, she is the President of Global Film Studio.

In 2005, together with Daria, I created a film training program in West Africa. As I wrote in my intro above, we opened the ‘Toronto Pictures Film Academy of Ghana’ and financed it for over two years. In the first year, 150 young and talented filmmakers were trained with hundreds more in the years that followed. The Academy became self-sufficient by producing in-house films that were  subsequently sold worldwide. Over 70 percent of all the talents trained at the Academy have been employed by production companies, TV stations and radio networks in West Africa and beyond.

Some of the notable young talents who participated in the Workshops over the years and who went on to follow successful careers include actors Christina Macris, Ruffy Quansah, Belinda Siamey, Andrei Neamtu, Sophia Gilberto and Denisa Barvon.

Between 2012 and 2014, together with Daria, I organized the International Film Workshops program in Brasov, Romania.

The students who graduated my Workshops in Romania in 2013.

The Workshops program in Romania was so successful that it actually attracted participants from several countries such as Germany, Serbia, Russia, South Africa, Canada, Cuba and even from the United States. The Workshops were filmed and the shooting amounts to over 30 hours of footage.

At present, I am teaching the Workshops on a one-to-one basis to special film talents who are on their way to stardom. I may be available to hold public workshops on request.

Here is one of the TV commercials that has run on Romanian TV between 2012 – 2014. It promotes Bruno Pischiutta’s ‘International Film Workshops’: