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I added this page to my site because I believe that, often, quotes are a very immediate and efficient way to communicate. If you search for writers, poets and artists in Wikipedia, you will often find some of their quotes published there.

As a film-author, the principal way of communication that I have with my audience is, of course, the content and the style of the films I write, produce, direct and release. Beside writing, producing and directing films, I’m involved in several other important activities (“Bruno Pischiutta, a Renaissance Man”) and, being considered a film-author alone and communicating with my audience trough my films, only would be a very reductive way to see myself, my activities and my legacy.

Not all my visitors are aware of the several activities I do. Let me please be clear: my intellectual reality extends beyond the pure filmmaking and it cannot be so restricted. I’m the founder and president of a public company in the USA and the founder and the Chairman of the Board of other three companies in Canada. I’m the artistic consultant of the Global Nonviolent Film Festival, the executive in charge of the Global Film Actors Agency, and the author and the conductor of the International Film Workshops for actors, writers, producers and directors of film.

Furthermore, an essential part of the communication with my audience is the content of the interviews that I sometimes release to the media and of the few articles that I write, as well as my experience as a businessman, as a film agent and talent discoverer and as an educator and a film teacher.

I choose not to have an account on LinkedIn, nor on Facebook; if I like to publish something on these platforms I do it through the accounts of Daria Trifu, the president of my company. 

My personal social-media presence is limited to Global Film Studio’s account on Twitter (@TorPix) and to my company’s Private Social Network.

For my 68,000 followers on Twitter I post most of the times tweets that promote the company’s activities and our films. 

For the six hundred members of the Global Film Studio Private Social Network, mostly my friends, colleagues and students, I post quotes of several writers, philosophers and artists mixed with my personal ones. 

The quotes I publish here are part of my legacy. I hope that some of them can help readers now or in the future. Here they are:

Please note:

– Like many other things in life, this blog is a work in progress. If in the future I’ll create some more interesting quotes and/or tweets, I’ll add them to these ones.

– As far as I know, I personally wrote, in the last few years, the following quotes and tweets. Is possible, however, that I don’t remember properly and that few of them were written by other authors and I simply adopted them after making few changes to their composition.

Some of My Quotes

It is better to die with style than to live without it.

A very common mistake is to think always to what you miss and to forget all you actually have. –

Without night there would be no day, no white without black, no light without dark… –

Words maybe develop phantasy but are a very poor way of communication; film is the best way of communicating we know.-

Can philosophy, that deals only with unsolvable problems, help us sometimes solve our problems?-

Often, all is needed to change a situation is just to look at things from a different point of view.-

When you are old, memories are important because they are all you have; when you die, your legacy is important because is all you leave.-

If you are motivated by the search for truth and for love, you are on the right path.-

Quitters are not winners and winners are not quitters. Like in a tennis game, if you want to win you have to take the serve.-

Talent is a God’s given gift and it always comes with responsibility. Not even the “suits,” in Hollywood, dare to criticize the talents.-

If you want to succeed you have to be determined; your determination should be proven by your actions.-

Sincerity is one of the best values; if, after long time, you can say to a friend “I never lied to you” you are on the right track.-

If you choose to live in a shallow world without loyalty, be careful: if you don’t give loyalty, loyalty will not be given to you…-

Sometimes, very simple acts or words can solve very complicate situations.- 

If you decide to go in the film industry you better stick to your decision: results could be slow to come, but it is worth to wait for them.-

We all are waiting for something. Often we get it, but not always we are ready for it.- 

Sometimes plans have to be changed: nothing wrong if “change” means “improvement”.-

It is dangerous to be satisfied of what we created; maybe somewhere, somehow, we could have done better. Constant improvement is a must.-

Challenge yourself all the time, and always try to be the best you can be. It is the way to verify your reality and it is worth your effort.-

Often, your childish side finds the right answers to the important questions by intuition.-

Images and words have great power; they can be used to destroy or to built. Who is in charge of them should not forget his responsibilities.-

Whatever you want to do, you have to be present; when you disappear you are just losing time.-

When an actor asks me to personally mentor him/her pro-bono, I take the request and my eventual commitment very seriously.-

It is not easy for the teens to enter the adult world and accept its rules. Many may lose themselves because they are not prepared for it.- 

It’s often easy to follow new interests and to forget your real friends, but it is always wrong.-

Stress is not good for you; try to eliminate all the sources of your stress.-

If you want to know if your behaviour today it is right, try to think how you will judge it ten years from now.-

The film director takes all the time visual notes from  reality, fantasy and artistic visions; this is an important part of his creations.-

Often the abuse of alcohol and drugs could bring somebody to behave in a disgusting way and damages his/her reputation.-

The film director expresses his vision trough the work of others; actors, DOPs and crew use their abilities to give life to his vision.-

The best for the creative talent is to move alone in the time’s dimension, surrounded by silence.- 

When there are not strong cultural basis, personal crisis and life’s challenges may threat our mental stability and originate big mistakes.-

Hopefully, one day, something will happen in your life and you will realize that you have never been really happy before…-

The secret of success is timing: don’t miss the opportunity. Often the best chance is there only once –

To be beautiful is a great quality, but it does not justify everything. It is not good to be beautiful and arrogant; don’t forget it…-

Every time I watch a new film for selection at the Festival I expect a lot; unfortunately I am often disappointed.-

The Internet eliminated geographic and national limits; now everything is global and so is the competition. Feel welcome to the race!…-

Yes, maybe she’ll be sweet like mom’s smile, beautiful like a little girl with long curly hair, silly like a regret… and you’ll smile…-

I’m happy: I woke up feeling healthy and strong; the weather is beautiful, my agenda is full. Maybe I’ll get some good calls today…- 

In many situations, to be present can imply some difficulties but you are not loyal if you are not present.-

Don’t cry over the past, it’s gone. Don’t stress about the future, it hasn’t arrived. Live in the present and make it beautiful.-

Alone, I close my eyes and my fantasy makes me float on a cloud of engaging ideas and foggy and fascinating sensations; I revel in it.-

There is nothing wrong if sometimes you do something for yourself! Often the best you can do for your business is to take a day of rest…-

Spring is splendid in Brasov and summer is behind the corner. I feel new energy in myself and awesome ideas are in my mind.-

If you look for simplicity you will not be disappointed: often the most complicated problems have just simple solutions.- 

The best dimension for the creative mind is loneliness; loneliness could bring you to a pure moment of creativity without any bad influences.-

Love, reality and passion are essential dialectical components of our films’ plots, sex and violence aren’t. Kind hearts like our films.-

The best is not getting the result, is all you do, it is the entire process of getting the result…-

Somebody can tell you few words that change your life for ever, or few words that make you not willing to live anymore.-

You are good as your last film is. You do so much for so many; don’t expect thanks, you are good just as the last gift you gave.-

Life is an endless fight. I’m still OK and swimming with sharks. My flag is my smile, my heart is my strength and it is my weakness too…-

Music is the international language of the hearts.-

What to do?… Paraphrasing John Kennedy slogan: don’t think to what your career can do for you, think to what you can do for your career…-

I have been rich and I have been poor: rich is better. I have been bad and I have been good: good is better.-

To have the right mentor could be the secret of your life’s  success.-


Sometimes things seem too good to be true simply because often the truth is ugly.-

Sometimes also good things should end, because every end brings new beginnings.-

A simple definition of success is to get “yes” to your demands.-

It comes now the time of the last epiphany. Words don’t count; all is reduced to small, shining crumbs of love at the bottom of the soul…-

Happiness could be the exchange of a short, worried, smile with the producer, during slate #1.-

In many life’s situations, who is scared isn’t necessarily a coward; coward is who runs away.-

A beautiful smile could be a strong statement, a beautiful smile could be worth much more than words…-

It’s very easy to photograph the body of a woman; much more difficult to portray her soul.-

If you lose yourself in the immensity of the mountains and in the dark of night, you realize that loneliness could be your best companion.-

In an instant sometimes you can see everything clearly and understand how wrong you have been for so long… We all need an epiphany!-

Often, when everything seems lost, something happens and suddenly the situation changes.-

If you want to go in another dimension on a beautiful summer night, you don’t need drugs: just lie down and watch the stars for a few minutes.-

Let’s open a bottle of good champagne and toast to our guilt: then we can go to sleep really happy…-

You can always take a cab, go to the airport and in few hours change completely your life…-

Make the effort to know yourself objectively, never lie to yourself, and start to constantly improve yourself.-

To direct a film, mixing music, photography, acting, and pictures’ composition, is a wonderful experience for the creative mind.-

A man should always and first of all be kind to a woman; this is the most important thing! Any other behaviour is unacceptable.-

Loneliness could be the best companion for an artist: you may feel alone in a crowd, but if loneliness is with you, you are never alone.-

Loyalty is not a virtue, it is a state of mind. You cannot be partially loyal: or you are loyal or you aren’t.-

Memories are only what is left; your fantasy should be able to reproduce the moments and make you feel many more times what you felt once.-

Often we lose our best possibilities simply because we are a bit lazy, we don’t dare enough, or we don’t understand what is on the table.-

You cannot go wrong with a partial or totally nude picture of a girl, if the girl is beautiful and if the picture is taken with taste.-

In the motion pictures the motion is just an optical illusion: nothing really moves on the screen. The motion happens in the viewers’ brain.-

In an acting career, photos are an important element: are the first thing producers see and, if they are not impressive, often the last.-

From the Renaissance time, total and partial nudity of the human body has been an essential element of figurative art in the Western culture.-

To attend a Film Festival is always an important cultural moment because the attendee meets other attendees and discusses the films’ issues.-

The perfect status is not the same for everybody; for the creative mind it is not a choice to live in a mental dimension, it is a necessity.-

Often sexual images could be exciting or depressing: it just depends on how much artistic they are…-

A film may be informational, entertaining, educational and more but the cathartic function happens only if the filmmaker produces real art.-

When you are in the worst days of your life go back to what you were, look yourself in the mirror, understand what you missed and act consequently.-

Often (and stupidly) we are the worst enemies of ourselves and the biggest obstacle to our own happiness.-

When you reach my age life is more simple: you have seen everything, you have done everything, and you have no longer to prove anything.-

Of course we are privileged, but privilege always comes with responsibility and more privileged we are, more we should be responsible.-

The psychological relationship between a film actor and the director is essential to create a great performance and is unique in its kind.-

Often silence is better than words. Always a right moment of silence is better than wrong words.-

If things don’t go well, we try somehow to change the situation: often all it takes is to change our attitude towards things and people.-

Regrets are just silly; misunderstandings could have very bad consequences. Try to eliminate regrets and misunderstandings from your life.-

If you don’t get other people’s motivations, it does not mean that they don’t exist, you should just make a bigger effort to understand them.-

Public exposure is a very important element in an acting career; whatever you have beautiful, it does not help you if nobody sees it.-

If you can create a great artistic work, your life will not be wasted, you may positively influence the world and become part of history.-

Casting a film is a complicated and delicate matter and it is always a guessing game.-

Maybe we are nothing because we just produce colour shadows, but if a picture is worth 1000 words, a good film could also be worth a lot.-

After the thinking and reflection time, the action time comes; action should always BE generated by thinking…-

“Who is the mom of the sun?” the child asks and you answer: “The moon, of course” is this the good answer?-

To trust nobody it is just as stupid as it is to trust everybody. The point is to make the right choice…-

To study the human mind is fascinating and it is always an uncompleted work in progress…-

It is natural for an actor to want to be exposed at the max without fear of words, look and/or body positions.-

In an acting career, patience is as important as it is to follow all the good opportunities that are presented to you.-

Sometimes things are so complicated that it seems impossible to find a solution, but time helps and the solution often just comes naturally.-

To write a screenplay is always an adventure; often when the writer starts he doesn’t know how the story will proceed and end.-

Good intentions are great but what counts is the result; maybe you feel rich but you still have to see how much you have in the bank.-

Internet allows you to contact anybody; it is however very important to use the right terminology if we want to make efficient communication.-

Film may be a medium to project our misery or to celebrate our strengths, it may also be simply just a factory of dreams…-

If you like to play you should understand the game’s rules; if you want to be an adult you should accept the rules of the adults’ world.- 

You neglect your real friends because you are busy with new ones; one day you will need them and, perhaps, they will not be there anymore.-

In a film career, determination is essential to reach the top and it is shown by actions.-

We can say what we like but it is certain that at any age and in every situation nothing is more sweet than the sweet taste of victory…-

The bright side, when you are on the floor, is that you cannot fall anymore; to the contrary, more up you are and more it hurts when you fall…-

It is a beautiful day in the city but there is no sun in my soul, no peace in my mind. I stay quiet, in the shadow of my loneliness.-

If you are healthy you are really lucky; your health is your more valuable asset. Remember it, and try not to do anything against it!-

What’s the point to be together bad, insignificant or just negative people? It is better to be alone.-

There are moments in life, as at the gambling table, in which you should be ready to bet everything. They are determinant and exciting…-

Sometimes people make me upset: I don’t like it and I try to forgive and forget bad things quickly because I want in me only positive energy.-

The antique Greek and Latin lyrics bring you in a world more pure than today’s world; we have not really progressed in the last 2000 years.-

The best way to win depression is to look at nature’s beauty; it surrounds us everywhere with incredible strength… if you can see it.-

You don’t need to look all over to find the person who can change your life: if you want to find that person, just look in the mirror…-

A kaleidoscope of places, people and situations in the years, just to find the right place, the right people and the right situation…-

Film business is for champions. Often, our actions and our ideas are extreme. Extreme is a “good” word in our business.-

To have the right mentor could be the secret of your life’s  success.-

It’s not simple, sometimes, to try to explain the most simple things. Incommunicability is the measure of loneliness.-

The biggest luxury is to be able to work only with your friends.-

I’m trying to leave a legacy maybe small, but full of smiles and happy faces.-

“I love you as much as I know how” line in the Film MAYBE by Bruno Pischiutta.-

“Who loves you does not want to change you.” line in the Film MAYBE by Bruno Pischiutta.-

Only the small, shining crumbs of love at the bottom of  the soul can tell a life’s tale, the value of tears and the meaning of silence.-

It’s our duty to put a smile on everybody’s face and to make wonderful anything and anybody who can be wonderful.-

There is a moment in life when body and mind open like a rose. When you are there you should treasure that moment.-

A successful film acting career needs solid basis, a good start and a strong guide. Patience and conscience of time passing by are pivotal.-

Often coarse language and sexuality are elements present in feature films: writers and actors have to deal with them.-

In the relationship between mentor and talent, the talent is setting the communication’s standards.-

It’s time to call things with the proper name, it’s time to fight hypocrisy, it’s time to be real at the risk of being vulgar and/or obscene.- 

Do not spend time thinking to revenge; just forgive. You will feel the full strength of the positive energy on your side!-

Sometimes small gestures could be very important, sometimes small words could be determinant, always small shades in our soul tell the truth.-

Showing violence and sex in a movie is the cheapest way to create entertainment.-

Just completing my legacy: trying to do few more good things, important for others, while I’m still around…-

My new film will be something never seen before: a new genre. I hope you’ll like it-

Only when you’ll look deeply into my eyes, you’ll realize that you have never been completely happy.- 

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