Emerging British Actress Stephanie Tripp Signs Contract of Representation With Global Film Actors Agency


HOLLYWOOD, California — March 7, 2021 — British actress Stephanie Tripp will join young Lithuanian Star Greta Goldling, who was featured on the official poster of the 2020 edition of the Global Nonviolent Film Festival, and transgender Filipina actress Sophia Abella, in the cast of the upcoming feature film Spa, written and directed by veteran film auteur Bruno Pischiutta.

The film, to be shot part in London and part in a touristic resort located by the Aegean Sea in Greece, is Pischiutta’s most anticipated film, and it is expected to be his greatest directing performance since Punctured Hope, the critically acclaimed movie on women’s genital mutilation shot in Africa and qualified for nomination consideration at the Academy Awards® in 2010.

Spa is not a violent film; it has, however, a pushed sexual content that is definitely accentuating its dramatic ending.

Spa will be a landmark in movie history because, as Francis Ford Coppola, Pischiutta is not afraid of risk. In this film, he makes an artistic directorial choice about the casting and is organizing a fabulous and priceless ensemble of talent that remembers the one of Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider.

This is what he says: “Today’s love and sexual relationships are more complicated than ever. They could be interracial and they often involve LGBT characters in a kaleidoscope of different nationalities, traditions and ways.

Love relationships are not caused and motivated by logic but by passion, and the strength of passion gives them life and rules them in a constant fluctuating variation that is always interesting and often surprising”.

For Global Film Studio, Spa will be produced by Daria Trifu, who previously produced Punctured Hope with a US $5.8 million budget and +200 cast and crew members.

Spa will be released worldwide by Global Cinema Online, the company’s pay-per-view streaming service for nonviolent films and documentaries (its own ‘Nonviolent Netflix’).

Bruno Pischiutta is one of the last great Italian directors of his generation and the only one who has lived in America for almost forty years. During his film career, he has created and developed numerous feature films in Europe, America, Africa and Asia, and has won major awards in several countries. In China, he wrote and developed the feature film The Sepia Portrait, and in Ghana he completed the feature film Punctured Hope that the Hollywood Political Film Society proposed for nomination at the 2010 Academy Awards®. More info is here: IMDB Profile


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The Best Marketing Dollars You Can Spend

The content of this blog is continuously updated and is addressed to filmmakers worldwide.

Updated on January 11, 2021.

The 10th edition of the Global Nonviolent Film Festival takes place from September 23 to October 3, 2021.

I founded this Festival with Daria Trifu ten years ago with the only purpose of being able to bring nonviolent films to the public and to the attention of film distributions. 

In recent years, I have been the artistic consultant of the Festival. I have been able to see many nonviolent films produced all over the world that, otherwise, had very little chance of reaching the public. Today, our Festival is recognized as the most important nonviolent festival in the world. Looking back, I must say that it has achieved its goals and, in a sense, has surpassed them.

Years ago, I too was like these film makers; I sent my films to Festivals and I hoped not only to win an award, but also that the films would be noticed and eventually distributed. I know clearly what the filmmakers want: they want their films to be seen as much as possible, and they want to achieve results from their work. 

I absolutely recommend to all filmmakers who produce nonviolent films to participate to our Festival. In this way, if they will be selected, they will have the opportunity for 11 days to show their films to their friends, their colleagues and to all the people who they think are interested in their product. They will also have one or more pages in our magazine DARIA! with photos and the story of their film, the video presentation that I do for every selected film during Festival and, possibly, an award. 

It must also be said that they have a lot of chances to be selected in our Festival: I think that our average selection rate is 50%. 

If they don’t know the Festival well, I recommend them to watch the Video presenting the Awards given at the 2020 edition. The video also contains the trailers of the awarded films. I think that, by watching this video, the filmmakers will have a good idea of our Festival:

Awards Presentation Video (2020)

In addition to the video, they can also read the comments made by some of the filmmakers who participated at the Festival, here (bottom page):

Filmmaker’s Comments

If the filmmakers decide to submit their films and videos to the Festival, I add another link here to facilitate their entry:

Submit a Film @ FilmFreeway

Finally, I want to recommend to the filmmakers who are not familiar with our Festival, to watch the trailers of the films that we presented during the 2020 edition, as well as the daily presentations that are available year-long on the Festival’s TV Channel here:


Who knows, considering that next year our company will go in distribution and will compete with Netflix, probably some of the filmmakers who participate to the Festival will have their films distributed by Global Cinema Online; if so, the filmmakers will realize that the few dollars they spent to participate to the Festival were the best marketing dollars they ever spent.

Global Film Studio Chooses Greece to Film a Feature Documentary About Unique Aspects of Some of Bruno Pischiutta’s Movies


HOLLYWOOD, Calif.July 8, 2020PRLog — The Company announced today that, as soon as the Coronavirus will allow for unrestricted international travel, the production of its feature documentary tentatively entitled Retrospective will commence in Greece. The film will highlight some of the most revered films of internationally acclaimed author Bruno Pischiutta.

Director Bruno Pischiutta and Producer Daria Trifu

Pischiutta’s career spans over five decades. His acting performance in Francesco Rosi’s film, Many Wars Ago (Uomini contro), garnered him the Critics Award for ‘Best Supporting Actor’ at the Venice Film Festival in 1972 when he was 19 years of age. He went on to write, direct, produce and edit, critically acclaimed feature films such as Compagne Nude, The Comoedia, Last Encounter in Venice, Life’s Charade, “Maybe…?”, and, amongst others, Punctured Hope.

In the 80s he was awarded at the New York International Film and Television Festival for his film The Comoedia, and formally invited by the Academy Awards® to present it for an Oscar consideration. In the 90s he was, with Steven Spielberg and Bruno Baretto, one of the three directors formally invited to China by the Shanghai Film Studio to develop and produce films there. In the 2000s he was nominated by The Political Film Society in Hollywood in the categories of ‘Best Film Expose’ and ‘Best Film on Human Rights’ for his movie Punctured Hope, alongside Clint Eastwood (for Invictus), Quentin Tarantino (for Inglorious Basterds), and James Cameron (for Avatar).

“Everybody can judge a movie from what they see and hear, but there are sometimes certain circumstances, motivations and facts regarding a film that we have to know to fully understand its content. This documentary will show parts of several films I made, and it will explain the ‘why’, the ‘how’ and some relevant aspects related to those movies,” says the Maestro.

The first screenplay Pischiutta ever wrote signaled the director’s life-long affection for the sea; in Retrospective, the blue Aegean Sea becomes the backdrop of the story.

Also in Retrospective, Lithuanian actress Greta Goldling will make her international debut. She is already known for appearing on the official poster of this year’s Global Nonviolent Film Festival, and she has been cast to play a lead role in Bruno Pischiutta’s next major feature film that will be shot following the documentary. Greta Goldling is on the fast lane to reach international stardom.

The documentary will be directed by Pischiutta and produced by Daria Trifu. Special appearances will include Trifu and Dr. Marco Dall’Omo. The music will be composed by Maestro Jay Jourden and produced by Margo’ Buccini. Talks are ongoing for the great Italian art director Davide De Stefano (Voice From the Stone, The Cursed Ones, Giallo) to join as production designer.

From the business point of view, Global Film Studio is open to an association with a coproducer who will be interested in making a long-term financial investment and creative collaboration with the Company based on its operating principles.

About Global Film Studio:

Global Film Studio, federally incorporated in Canada in 2011, is a media company focused on ventures that are socially conscious and nonviolent.

Global Film Studio’s activities revolve around film production and distribution, talent management, film festival organization, publishing and more. The Company operates with seven Divisions; each of them is primarily in charge of one activity.

Global Film Studio owns the Global Film Actors Agency and the Global Nonviolent Film Festival, and it publishes “DARIA!” magazine.

In 2021, the Company is launching GlobalCinema.online, its own subscriber-based streaming platform for films and documentaries. Global Cinema will be a competitor to Netflix, and it aims to bring to the world viewers top quality films in every genre, with a special focus on non-violent content.

Global Film Studio Inc.

Christmas Holidays 2019

I guess that everybody has plans for the Holidays. Some people like to dedicate time to some special or unfinished parts of their work, while still keeping-up with all the commitments that family and holidays require.

The best spectator, my dog Amico.

In these days, I try to be out in the morning and late evening only: in the morning I play tennis, and in the evening I go for a drink and to listen to some live music. 

I work during the most part of the day because I am putting together the last touches to three different productions. 

The first one will start in early January and it is almost fully prepared: it just still requires some technical elements and the booking of few locations. This is a feature documentary about the films I made since 1972 until now. 

Everybody could judge a film from what they see and hear, but there are sometimes certain circumstances, motivations and facts regarding a film that can help us to fully understand its content. This is what this documentary will be about: it will show certain parts of several films I made, and it will try to explain the ‘why’, the ‘how’ and some relevant facts related to those films.

On a sunny day with my dog Bianca.

The second and the third productions are related between each other: they are a feature film, and a feature documentary about the making of it. 

The shootings of these productions will take place after the first one.

I am preparing this major feature film and its related documentary from long time; in particular, the feature is an important one, because it will be qualified for nomination consideration at the Academy Awards. 

The pre-production of the feature film is very complicated. Everything is ready to go, but I am still working on two aspects: the financing, and the completion of the cast. This is a moment of decisions because some of the choices that I will make will definitely bring a positive change in the life of some of the people who will be chosen to work on the film.

To complete the financing, I still need few account executives and one Associate Producer. These people will be working with me not only in this project, but also in my upcoming productions of the next three years.

About the casting: the feature film has over 35 characters and several special appearances. I believe that I have chosen the proper actors to fill the existing roles. I am, however, still missing one actress 15/17 years old, who’s native language should be English, and who should have the determination and the necessary qualities to become a film Star.

I know that I will not find the Associate Producer and the missing actress under the Christmas tree, and consequently, I have to locate them in these days, while still enjoying the Holidays.

Happy Holidays to all the visitors of this site,