Global Cinema Online Is Live!

Global Cinema Online’s launch marks a historical moment in the field of video-streaming services.

HOLLYWOOD, USA, April 15, 2021 — Global Film Studio launches Global Cinema Online universally, the only pay-per-view streaming channel offering quality movies and documentaries that do not contain gratuitous violence. The service, announced by Co-founder and Chief Executive Daria Trifu, went live today.

“This movie channel, in keeping with our company’s brand, is here to bring to the world viewers nonviolent visual content for years to come. As a matter of fact, the primary source of our content is the Global Nonviolent Film Festival where we have direct access to films that don’t contain gratuitous violence, and are rich in quality and topical importance. Global Cinema Online fills a void in the field of video-streaming services, and offers to the public films that give them the possibility to learn more and to open their mental horizon. From now on, every film selected at the Global Nonviolent Film Festival will receive worldwide distribution with very favorable financial terms through Global Cinema Online. I believe that our formula is right, and that it makes for a win-win situation for all parties involved: the public, the filmmakers, and our company”, says Daria Trifu.

Global Cinema Online

is accessible on all computers and mobile devices connected to the internet. There are no territory restrictions; the site is available in all countries of the world. The films are in the English language or with English subtitles.

The new way in which the channel is designed, makes for a very user friendly experience by allowing the viewers to select films by continent (e.g. European Cinema, North American Cinema, Asian Cinema) or by director, in addition to the customary categories by type of film and genre.

“I believe that Global Cinema Online is on the right path. The channel is born today and will grow in time because it gives something that the viewers want. There are older and very big streaming channels like Netflix, Hulu, Apple and Amazon out there, but they don’t exclude violence, as we do. I believe that a lot of people will love the movies we show, and that a lot of viewers will watch our films”, says Co-founder and Chairman Bruno Pischiutta.


Global Cinema Online   


Global Nonviolent Film Festival Unveils Its Official Poster for 2021

February 7, 2021 — Hollywood, California — Global Nonviolent Film Festival unveils the official poster for its 10th annual edition that takes place this year from September 23 to October 3.

The poster is created on a concept by film director Bruno Pischiutta, and it features actress Kelly Dalston. It is designed and made by Daria Trifu.

The poster’s composition depicts the reality that the lockdowns created for people from all corners of the world: home entertainment is an essential component of every-day life, and watching films on-line is the new norm. 

“In the many months spent at home during the COVID-time, we all adjusted to a ‘new normality’, part of which means choosing our entertainment from the most accessible source available, the internet. Watching films on-line, in the comfort of our home, is for many the only choice and it can be a really enjoyable family experience. The Global Nonviolent Film Festival offers to its viewers nonviolent films and documentaries from ten years”, says Daria Trifu, festival director.

Filmmakers should know that Global Nonviolent Film Festival is open for submissions. The ‘Early Deadline’ to submit a narrative film, documentary or music video is February 25th. 

Submit a film via FilmFreeway

All films selected to participate at the Festival are showcased on the event’s streaming channel from September 23 to October 3, while they compete for awards and recognition. In addition, the selected narrative films and documentaries are guaranteed a distribution contract proposal from Global Cinema Online. 

Global Cinema Online, scheduled to be launched by Global Film Studio in April, is a pay-per-view streaming platform for nonviolent films and documentaries that is well positioned to take a share of the ever growing video on demand market. It aims to become a notable competitor to the likes of Netflix and Hulu.


Global Nonviolent Film Festival