Film Daily | March 16, 2023
By Frankie Stein

Hollywood Actor D’Antré Cole Is Considered for a Starring Role in Bruno Pischiutta’s Film Project ‘The Trilogy’

Film Daily | February 6, 2023
By Frankie Stein

Casting in London, UK and in Greece for Three Major Motion Pictures Is Underway

Indie Activity Magazine | February 8, 2023
By Oladapo Bamidele

The Trilogy Casting in London, UK and Greece for Three Major Motion Pictures Underway

DARIA! Magazine | February 8, 2023
By Film & Entertainment

Casting Call: Twenty lead roles and many supporting roles are still available for actors from the LGBT community, for children and for straight actors in the film project The Trilogy.

DARIA! Magazine | January 9, 2023
By Editorial

News From London

DARIA! Magazine | June 16, 2022
By News

The Names of the Main Creators of the Film Trilogy Written and Directed by Bruno Pischiutta and Produced by Daria Trifu Are Emerging

DARIA! Magazine | May 22, 2022
By Olga Matsyna

Article about Bruno Pischiutta, the Writer and Director of The Trilogy“My only luxury is the possibility I have to choose the people I work with”, says Film Director Bruno Pischiutta

DARIA! Magazine | May 20, 2022
By Bruno Pischiutta

Article about Davide De Stefano, the Art Director of The TrilogyA Conversation With an Exceptional Film Talent: Production Designer Davide De Stefano

DARIA! Magazine | May 16, 2022
By Editorial

Actor Jonathan Pienaar, known for Blood Diamond with Leonardo Di Caprio and ABC’s Robinson Crusoe, to Star in The Trilogy

DARIA! Magazine | May 8, 2022
By News

Bruno Pischiutta Extends SPA’s Screenplay to a Trilogy of Sequential Feature Films that Sets, With Powerful Artistic Force, the Cultural Climax of the Conflict Over Free Speech

DARIA! Magazine | May 6, 2022
By News

Actor Stavros Parcharidis and Actress Stella Hinsen Sign Contract of Representation With Global Film Actors Agency

DARIA! Magazine | May 4, 2022
By News

British Actress Stephanie Tripp to star in The Trilogy